Monday, February 20, 2012

It's Calendar buying time!

I love buying calendars. And I always buy more than one. Why? Because as a writer I plan out a few months pen. So of course when plans change I have to change my calendar. That is one reason I never buy them at full price. I wait until they go on a deep clearance.

Like today. I hit up Wal-mart and got 8 calendars ( 2-8x10's and 6-5x7's and 1 -4x6) I paid a total of 11.00 for all of that and I bought 8-3 packs of mini notebooks (6.00) So for 17.00 I am good on planners and mini-notebooks for the year. That is a damn good price in AK. EVERYTHING is more expensive here.

So now I will use my mini-notebook to keep track of my writing sprints and my calendar to map out the next two weeks. What am I writing down....1K a day....If I do that I should finish the current book and have a new one almost complete.

On another note, I need to get the final copy of How to Marry a Martian to my editor for a final read through. Hopefully it will be complete by the end of the week. Then I can concentrate on (working title) Sexbots R Us: Juliet.

Yeah...I don't think I have it over in my WIP bar...a friend (Lisssa Matthews) asked about doing shorts and who would I send them too....Less than a week later and I am halfway done with book 1 of 6. Would be finished by son #1 had a hockey tournament. And as a devoted hockey mom I had to throw myself into the tournament. His team got 3rd place by my little buddy scored 4 goals during the games. Gotta love that.
Anywho...keep your eyes out. My next project is a free prequel to How to Marry a Martian. It will be a heartbreaking story that will have you reaching for the Kleenex. Yep, can't wait to write it.

Okay...on to writing!


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